Frequent Asked Questions

Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If your query cannot be answered below please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our service team will be able to assist.

Before Travel

How is the cost of my hire determined ?
The cost of your hire is based on the number of passengers, mileage and hours the vehicle is required for.
How can I change or cancel my booking ?
Contact our office team as extra fees may apply depending on the change requested. For cancellations, you must have to email the office as Terms and Conditions applies.
I want to organise a day out with my group but I don’t know where to go. Where do you recommend ?
We can recommend places and have access to discounted sports events tickets through Sabre Events. If you would like some help organising a trip then please don’t hesitate to ask.
Are all vehicles executive class ?
The majority of our vehicles are executive class if a standard vehicle is supplied we will inform you.
Can I travel from one destination and return from another ?
Yes. This is not a restriction as you will be charged for the total of mileage and hours of your trip. If you change the collection on the date you may be asked to pay an additional fee.
What is your luggage policy ?
Vehicles are restricted to the amount of passengers they can carry and we must limit luggage to the safety requirements of the vehicle. If you have lots of luggage please inform George Regal Staff before travel.
Can I have the drivers details for the day of travelling ?
All the details of your journey will be provided one day prior of travelling by one of the members of our office staff by email.
Is the driver included ?
Our quotes are included the driver although when the times are too long or exceed more than the permitted driver hours per day, a feeder driver and extra fees may apply. Please see the drivers hours restrictions guidance below


Can I pay cash on the day ?
Our payments methods are only Bank Transfer or by credit/debit card and have to be made in full 14 days before travel. We also take card payments over the phone.
When is my payment due ?
You will pay a 20% deposit as soon as you get your invoice in order to secure your coach booking for the day requested. The outstanding balance must be paid until 14 days before your travelling date.
Is VAT included on the price ?
Coach hires are exempt from VAT so our prices do not include it.
Can I get a refund ?
The cancellation fees can be found in our terms and conditions. Once a deposit has been paid its non-refundable and secures the coach for the date requested. For full details on our cancellation policy see our terms and conditions.

Day Of Travel

What happens if I arrive late?
We allow 15min free of charge after the departure more than this you will be charged £45 per hour. For Airports we allow a 30 minute grace period.
Can we stop for breaks ?
Yes as lif comfort breaks are needed please inform the driver.
What happens if there is an emergency ?
You must contact our office team as soon as possible.
Is there any specific pick up/drop off points ?
As a client your free to choose the collection and drop points. However, sometimes the roads are too narrow for some of our vehicles or parking is not permitted and a new pick up and drop off point might be requested from one of our office team or on the day.
Can we drink on the coach ?
You may drink alcohol on our coaches, but there are strict laws preventing us allowing alcohol on a vehicle such as travelling to a football ground. A £100 refundable deposit will be required.
Can I eat food on the coach ?
Yes, but we ask that you tidy up any rubbish and keep the coach clean before you leave it. If additional cleaning is required you will be charged.
Can I Smoke or Vape on the coach ?
We do not allow the use of e-cigarettes or smoking any other substances on any of our coaches. Stops can be made if required by the customer at the moment of the booking.

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